Fajita Marinade

Fajita Marinade For Authentic Mexican Fajitas

A very popular dish from Mexico that has found it’s way to many other countries is are fajitas. They’re a really tasty dish no matter where you travel, and even at home. Originally fajitas were made of beef grilled rapidly with lots of veggies combined and presented inside of a tortilla shell. The fajita wrap is similar to a corn pancake but also crisper. Along with the meat contents in the fajita you can even include cheddar cheese, salsa plus sour cream in various proportions to make them different. The special taste of fajitas is the result of how they are prepared in really narrow slices, marinated then broiled rapidly with high heat.

The meat cuts used for traditional preparation of steak fajitas for example come from the belly area, which is the least tender cut of beef and should be very finely sliced in order to be tender enough to be acceptable in a fajita recipe. Obviously there are other types of meat that include chicken, pork and even tuna fish that work great to make amazing fajitas also. The origin in the dish are actually traced back to Spain initially, but it’s been part of the traditional Mexican cuisine for so very long it has become a Mexican standard. In the USA the actual meat cut used for steak fajitas is known as a skirt steak cut, which is favored in various Mexican cuisine as well like tortillas for instance.

The preparing of fajitas, and many would definitely admit is the key aspect of the process, is marinating the meat in the special marinade of fresh lime juice as a way to enhance tenderness. The fresh lime marinade at the same time gives meat a special tart flavor. The marinating time period varies and it’s dependent on the type and toughness of various meats, for example poultry, perhaps a one or two hours only, pork would be more time, most likely 4 to 6 hours however beef is comparatively tough and should be marinated for as much as twenty-four hrs according to the recipe instructions. The heat is provided by the sauce customarily served with fajitas which is traditionally extremely high on the heat scale, which it owes to the distinctive essence of fresh Mexican chili peppers, blended with tomatoes, freshly chopped red onion and parsley and even basil.

Steak fajitas are best cooked by using an open grill or broiled in an oven; the actual cooking time ranges from 6-10 minutes on each side depending on personal tastes but basically the faster the better as a rule of thumb. When the meat is ready it needs to be cut edgewise in strings and added to your fajitas with all the remaining vegetables; grilled onions, sweet peppers, guacamole and sour cream. The hot sauce really should only be sprinkled lightly on your fajitas simply because the traditional fajita hot sauce is extremely hot and too much might spoil an otherwise excellent flavor treat.

Fajita Marinade Secrets

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